These multimillion dollar homes, some in excess of $30M, generally have slate or cedar roofs. Our process here was very systematic. We removed all the facade material on the soffit boxes and replaced all of it with Azek brand trim board, an extruded PVC material impervious to water. We then removed two layers of asphalt shingle, the layer of plywood deck and then all the old cedar shakes. The amount of debris that came off of this roof was incredible. Then, we needed to make some structural repairs to rafters and wooden lathe. Finally, we installed all new blue label #1 cedar shakes with 5.5" exposure to the weather, and all new 18oz. copper gutter liners with 4" round downspouts to match. The chimneys were also flashed in new copper as well as all the roof ventpipe penetrations. The house looks AMAZING and the owners are very thrilled.

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